Our Expertise

Maintaining a consistent, high quality eau-de-vie year after year requires constant attention and craftsmanship. Centuries of knowledge, research and passion that has been passed down through the generations is a trademark of Mette. Each and every step of the process is monitored and validated by Philippe Traber.

How do we select our ingredients ?

Philippe TRABER - Distillery Jean-Paul METTEIt all starts with the choice of fruits, flowers and spices.
Contrary to common belief, spoiled fruits are not used in the distillery. Mette accepts only the best-quality fruits and holds to a high standard in produce. Timing is of utmost importance. Naturally sweet fruits ferment in for around 6 to 8 weeks. Other berries, flowers and spices are put to maceration in a neutral eau-de-vie made of wine.

Then, in the same way a wine grower will cautiously pick the date to harvest grapes, Philippe Traber carefully chooses when to make the eau-de-vie from the fruit. Using his expertise, he is able to determine the precise time to distill, based on their smell, taste, and appearance.


The distillery Jean-Paul METTE in RIBEAUVILLE - ALSACE - FranceDistillation takes place in small, traditional stills made of copper—the same ones used by Jean-Paul Mette. Fermented fruits are distilled twice, while macerated ones are distilled once only, in order to guarantee a perfect balance. Between each distillation, the stills are carefully cleaned to ensure the purity of each batch of eau-de-vie. Although these methods are time-consuming, they are essential to maintaining high standards and dedication to product quality versus quantity.


Distillery Jean-Paul METTE - Ribeauville - FranceAgeing makes the alcohol less aggressive, so that it tastes smooth and balanced. That is why each Mette eau-de-vie is aged for at least 6 years in stainless steel tanks. Stored outdoors, they endure the weather changes of the Alsace region. Those variations in temperature enhance the complexity of the eau-de-vie. Eau-de-vie Hors d’Age (Very Old) continues the ageing process in glass demijohns for a minimum of 25 years. When it comes time to bottle, the eau-de-vie that flows into the glass containers is the result of meticulous expertise and passion that guarantees a product worthy to bear the Mette label.

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