Our history


As a teenager, Jean Paul Metté used to help his neigbour who produced his own Eau de Vie. This started his passion and motivated him to learn the craft and later, in the 60’s, he opened his own distillery.


Keeping to traditional methods, Jean Paul Metté produced classical Eaux de Vie like Mirabelle Plum and Raspberry. He quickly elarged the range by introducing unique Eaux de Vie like flowers, berries and truffle.


In 1985 Jean-Paul METTE took his godson Philippe Traber under his wing and past on his passion, knowledge and secrets.


In 1997, Jean-Paul METTE retired from the distillery. Philippe Traber took over the distillery with his wife Nathalie with the aim of respecting the philosophy and the traditions of the Metté name.


Many changes were made to the distillery. The alambics were updated to respect the new regulations and the tasting room was renovated. The courtyard for aging was also improved.

Matthieu, nephew of Philippe joined the team.


Timothée TRABER, the son, started to handle the export side of the business in Asia, based in Hong Kong.


For nearly 55 years,
our distillery has been true to values  and continues to improve the finest Eaux de Vie.
We now offer a large range of Eaux de Vie and Liquors of quality.

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